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A Gap Power vs C Gap Power (Chalk Talk & Diagrams)

The power play has been around for decades for one simple reason: It just works. We believe in the Power play, and that's why we carry so many different versions of it in our playbook. Watch the video below or keep reading to learn about the differences between A Gap Power and C Gap Power. A Gap Power vs C Gap Power Today we're talking about the difference between C gap power and A gap power. At Surface to Air System, we believe that A gap power is needed to be successful in modern football. We also carry C gap power, however, we run A gap power the majority of the time. Let's start with the differences. With C gap...

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How to Run the Ball vs the 3-3 Stack (Chalk Talk & Diagrams)

Today we're talking about some of the best ways to attack a 3-3 stack defense. This video actually came about because some of our members were asking for some ideas on how to run the ball against an odd stack look, so I wanted to put this together for them and share it with all of you. Click below to watch the video, or scroll down to keep reading. This is all about attacking the 3-3 stack or the odd stack, however you want to call it, which I think is a great defensive scheme. Let's talk about a couple of ways to throw curveballs at the defense. Two Back Power vs 3-3 Stack So let's start on the playside of...

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What we did when Power & Counter was not Enough

At the Surface to Air System and Emmett High School, we are known for attacking through the air and on the ground. Last week, we needed every play in our repertoire to pull out a win against the #4 team in our State. In fact, we had to overcome a 13 point deficit with less than 2 minutes to play to win the game 42-41, putting us at 5-0 in the conference and firmly in the driver seat to win the Southern Idaho Conference with one more win. Our opponent was determined to stop us from running Power and Counter last week, plays that we are renowned for running here at Emmett High School, so we needed to turn to...

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