Anti-Man RPO's
Anti-Man RPO's
Anti-Man RPO's

Anti-Man RPO's

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Join Coach Hargitt in this 3-Part Series, talking about the ways his Offense defeats Man Coverage!

In Part 1, Hargitt discusses some of the more unconventional things his Offense produces on the field. From Formations to Screens, you'll see some of the more imaginative ways S2A gets the Offense down the field.

In Part 2, Hargitt covers the following topics:

  • 4 Verts
  • Vert Switch
  • Vert Shallow
  • Deep Cross
  • Shallow Cross
  • Joker
  • Y Sail
  • Variations of 3 Level Flood

In Part 3, Hargitt continues his discussion on Anti-Man RPO's with:

  • Smash
  • Spartan
  • Razorback
  • S2A 'S Calls'

All 3 Parts include White Board talk as well In-Game analysis. A ton of content all in one video series!