Coaching the RPO Offense

Coaching the RPO Offense

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Coach Hargitt and Coach Penner have hit a home run with this book. If you’re interested in adding the run/pass option concept to your offense, no matter what offensive system you run or at what level you coach, this book is for you!

Robbie Adams

Quarterbacks/Head JV Football Coach

T. L. Hanna High School (SC)

If you are considering the idea of adding RPOs to your offensive scheme, then I highly suggest you read Coaching the RPO Offense. Coach Hargitt and Coach Penner do an outstanding job of covering the basics of RPOs and how to implement them into your offense. If you are looking to add explosiveness to your offense, this book is a great place to start!

Greg Brown

Offensive Coordinator

Northwest High School (GA)

This book offers a great, detailed explanation for anyone who desires to run the air raid offense. Each section is loaded with information to help you understand how to organize your air raid system. Coach Hargitt has given the blueprint to the air raid.

Greg Porter

Head Football Coach

Hillcrest High School (SC)

Coach Hargitt and Coach Penner have done an outstanding job of presenting how to define the spread offense. In this book, they will teach you a variety of ways to utilize your best players, get them in space, and create the best 1-on-1 matchups. You will also learn different ways to incorporate the ability to RPO many of your best plays to really have an attacking offense that will give your quarterback many options once the ball is snapped. This book is a must read for any play caller and anyone who wants to see the air raid offense evolve.

Steve Brooks

Head Football Coach

C.B. Aycock High School (NC)