2024 Gap Scheme Runs + RPOs Bundle

2024 Gap Scheme Runs + RPOs Bundle

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Get your hands on the new Clinic video from Coach Hargitt that he presented in New England in Spring of 2024! Get three in-depth presentations and learn how you can score more points and win more games!

1. 2023 Gap Scheme Runs:

In this video we feature and discuss how S2A utilized A Gap Power as well as A Gap counter runs.  Also discussed is the myriad of ways in which S2A adds blockers to the gap fits to achieve +1 runs.

2. 2023 Plays to Protect Gap Runs

This video discusses the manner in which we execute our G-Lead, Rocket, Trojan, and Trap plays.  These plays are designed to punish defenses when they overcommit to stopping our Power and Counter Schemes. 

3. 2023 RPOs

We discuss both Inside Zone as well as Gap based RPOs in this video. We discuss 1st , 2nd, and 3rd level RPOs and how we design and execute these plays versus different defenses.