Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense
Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense
Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense
Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense
Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense

Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense

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Rich Hargitt explains his play calling philosophy in using Air Raid concepts to game plan for and attack different defenses, and the best strategies for each part of the field and situation.

No matter what scheme you run on offense, you're guaranteed to get some valuable knowledge about how to approach offensive football and play calling itself.

Topics covered include:

  • Attacking Specific Defenses
  • What to Look for When Calling Plays
  • Red Zone Offense
  • Backed Up Offense
  • Game Planning
  • Practicing the Plan
  • And more!

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Here's what people are saying about this book

"Coach Hargitt provides another essential resource with his latest book, Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense. This is a must-have for every offensive coach, regardless of what offensive system you run."

James Vint

Offensive Coordinator

Seminole (TX) High School

"Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense offers coaches a simplified way to call plays, enabling teams to play at a faster speed. This book will teach you all you need to know about how to call games and keep defenses guessing. We will be using Hargitt’s signaling and verbalizing techniques when sending in our plays. I highly recommend this book to any coach looking to go faster."

Steve Brooks

Head Football Coach

Charles B. Aycock High School (NC)

"Coach Hargitt lays out very useful and practical information that can readily be applied to make your offense more efficient and successful. Any student of the spread game will find his work helpful."

Mike Sexton

Head Football Coach

Clyde A. Erwin High School (NC)

"Coach Hargitt is one of the leading authors on the air raid offense. His latest book breaks down the nuances of play calling in the air raid. Coach Hargitt does an exceptional job of explaining the issues we all experience in play calling and offers a simple plan for success. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and it has helped me become a better coach."

Mike Peck

Offensive Coordinator/Assistant Head Football Coach

Battle Ground (WA) High School

"Play Calling for the Air Raid Offense is a good resource for any coach wanting to install the air raid with his own team. Coach Hargitt explains that knowing yourself and your personnel first is critical to becoming a great play caller. He also illuminates different ways to maximize effectiveness within your style."

Drew Piscopo

Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers Coach

Ashe County High School (NC)