The Shotgun Double Wing Playbook
The Shotgun Double Wing Playbook
The Shotgun Double Wing Playbook
The Shotgun Double Wing Playbook

The Shotgun Double Wing Playbook

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New from Rich Hargitt, along with Coach Jose Lucero, and Coach Paul Benefield comes the Shotgun Double Wing Playbook!

This unique playbook offers a comprehensive overview of the Shotgun Double Wing offense, featuring over 220 pages of detailed strategies, plays, and drills. It's the perfect resource for any coach looking to enhance their team's offensive productivity.

Featuring illustrations, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions, the Shotgun Double Wing Playbook provides a comprehensive overview of the offense and helps maximize the learning potential of any coach.

PLUS - Optional Film Available for Download

Add a downloadable cut up of 3 hours worth of shotgun double wing film, organized by concept.

Here's what Coaches have to say:

If you want to dig deep into the Shotgun Double Wing Offense, the first coach I would refer you to is Rich Hargitt. Rich (along with Coach Lucero and Coach Benefield) goes into great detail with his offensive scheme, along with his adjustments and the WHY factor with the installation. Rich also does a great job of maximizing his talent, featuring certain skill players without getting away from his philosophy of establishing the run. I truly recommend his book, "The Shotgun Double Wing Playbook" if you want to be successful with this style of offense.

Kevin Meyer
Head Football Coach, Rock Canyon High School
2018 Idaho 4A State Champions, Hillcrest High School

Coach Hargitt, Lucero and Benefield's Shotgun Double Wing manual is a great resource for anyone looking to implement this offense. But even if you are not looking to make wholesale changes to your offense, there are a lot of concepts that could be easily implemented into any offensive style. The SGDW is a nice change of pace for a variety of situations, regardless of your offensive style and it forces an opponent to use valuable time to prepare for it. We are a multi-formation Power run team and have successfully implemented a lot of the concepts from this SGDW offense, and will continue to add more. I’m a big believer in aggressively executing simple concepts and techniques. These coaches have done a great job providing an easy to use resource that fits that approach. It provides a very detailed plan yet is simple to understand. I believe any Coach can find something of value in the SGDW manual.

Dale Anderson
Head Football Coach
Lyman, WY