Throwing it Forward: The Evolution of the Air Raid 3.0

Throwing it Forward: The Evolution of the Air Raid 3.0

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"Many coaches use the “clinic talk” approach without filmed evidence to accompany the material. With Rich it was “what you see is what you get.” He backed up what he taught on film and did it well. I left the clinic and my visit with Rich with a great appreciation of his insights and education on the ever-growing game of football."

This book, Throwing It Forward: The Evolution of the Air Raid 3.0, is a work that takes the reader into the modern world of spread passing but also so much more. The reader is exposed to the elements of the run game, the quick game, the drop back passing game, and the screen game. It explores the red zone and provides extensive conversation on the rationale and game planning for the modern spread offense."

- Chip Kelly

Head Coach UCLA Football

While The Surface to Air System will always have its roots in the Air Raid, we continuously allow our branches to reach further and further from our trunk in order to find newer and better ways to move the football. This evolutionary and inquisitive nature is what puts myself and S2A firmly in the Air Raid 3.0 world and ready to embrace new possibilities well into the future.

The Air Raid is a great offense and a game changer in the world of spread offensive football. It is an ongoing journey and someday there will likely be an Air Raid 4.0 as coaches continue to grow and evolve and test the boundaries of football. I have always tipped my hat to Hal Mumme and those great Air Raid coaches that started the system as it provided the basis for what I have always done. I am now close to embarking on my 21st year coaching high school football and I still run many of the same concepts that Air Raid 1.0 coaches would call.

However, I have created my own ID system for the defense, a unique signaling and communication system, and a revolutionary way to read RPOs and to teach quarterbacks. This offense continues to evolve everyday. Upgrade your operating system to 3.0.